Daily XY

Tara McCallum
April 11, 2011

If you fear the thought of spending hours assembling redundant coffee tables and dining room chairs, the good news is that there are numerous alternatives to the local Swedish box-store. For many woodworkers and designers, furniture is valued more for its artistic integrity than profitability. Montreal’s Saint Laurent Blvd. is a godsend for those seeking original and custom pieces designed using beautiful custom woodwork, bizarre designs, and high quality material. The best part? No assembly required.

The Conversation Piece
Here’s an independent furniture cooperative that creates highly functional, original pieces using simple contemporary designs. The Non-Useless Furniture Studio’s newest collection includes a mail sorter, a newspaper clip displayer, and a shot glass holder, all made life-size with simple wooden designs. Outfits for all pieces can be purchased for an added personal touch. While the store doesn’t specialize in custom furnishings, owners Renée Gravel and Jean Ayotte are open to ideas for unique functions to inspire new-fangled designs. 4060 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Suite 200, 514-982-0961.

Custom and Comfy
Specializing in custom-made sofas, Biltmore Domicile makes furniture fit for urban lifestyles. Priding itself on the ability to make custom sofas, beds, chaises longues, chairs and ottomans to “to fit through any door and staircase,” Biltmore has become increasingly popular among city dwellers with limited living space. All pieces are constructed and designed using only high quality materials like kiln-dried maple frames and high-density foam. 4419 Saint-Laurent Blvd., 514-288-7632.

The Lumber Enthusiast
Studio Erik Desprez specializes in tables, benches and stools made from solid, thick slacks of rough-hewn wood. Artist/owner Erik Desprez mixes raw and rustic styles with sleek modern touches to produce perfectly balanced pieces. His current collection includes a variety of thin glass table tops perched delicately upon two bulky slacks of raw wood. Every piece is handmade, original and custom-crafted — and typically perfect for larger loft-style spaces. His work can also been found in the conference rooms of Montreal’s famous St. Paul Hotel. 3655 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Suite 411, 514-286-9230.

The Wood Shop
With a workshop ideally located in an industrial building in the heart of the Plateau Mount Royal, Nook Designs is the perfect place to inspire when faced with a furnishing dilemma. Known for his artistic diversity, founder and designer Jason Conway creates original pieces for just about any personal style, including modern, rural and chic. All work is made with high quality wood, and tailored to suit each individual client. Included amongst his most popular pieces are custom-made wooden cremation urns. 5455 de Gaspé, Suite 213, 514-804-3044.

Image courtesy of ConanTheLibrarian.