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In this blog, you will find information to decorate your home with fresh and inspiring ideas while taking care of the environment. These young Americans are giving their readers advice and tips to make sustainability luxurious and simple at the same time.

Concord Green

Lisa Kaufmann Tharp shows you the process of creating the Concord Green Healthy Home, blending harmony and nature in a model for sustainability. Learn new tips on how to use recycled material, from the most rustic elements to new ways to make the most of the space.

Heath Design

This blog is full of tips to design your house 100% out of sustainable material. Learn to use wood from Oliver Heath, a designer and television presenter who will teach you how to turn your space into an eco-friendly venue.

Nina’s Apartment

Learn to decorate your home with recycled furniture on Nina´s Apartment. Here they show you how to take advantage of second-hand stores, flea markets, and boutique shops. Also, discover which materials are best for you when choosing an antique piece of furniture.

Homegirl London

Take the city’s retro and vintage houses as a reference to show the readers how to find an eclectic way to recycle old furniture and turn it into something luxurious. Discover new trends in sustainable homes created by local designers.