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As you already know, for artists and designers it is very difficult to find their own space in the market, especially for those like us who came from nothing. As much as one cares about the environment, it is not easy to combine that with practices that lead to sustainable furniture design.

What is a Patreon

Patreon is the way for fans or artists to show support to other artists by donating a few bucks per month, granting donors access to exclusive posts and extra content I release. Readers can donate every month or once off.

As an artist, Patreon is a method to get monetary support to continue doing and improving my work.

This is How it Works

Here’s an example for better understanding. If you place a $3 contribution to our website in June, you’ll get access to special content released only in June. However, when July starts, a new donation will be needed to continue accessing new exclusive content.

Types of Rewards

By helping our community and depending on how much you donate, each type of content reward will be revealed to you. One of them is to get a tour of the creative studio so you find out what it looks like.

Patreons will also have access to the videos that I make during the furniture construction process. Also, I will show you how and where you can get the materials to build your own sustainable furniture or ornaments, following the strictest eco-friendly measures.

Become our Patreon Today

It’s very easy and will only take a few minutes. Press the Patreon button and you’ll be taken to a confirmation page for adding your payment details to complete your donation. Set a monthly limit or annual billing.

Nook Design will greatly appreciate your contribution to help the blog keep developing and continue sharing my passion.