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I have always felt that humans are not here for consumption purposes and there’s got to be something more to it.

My name is David M. Boucher and my life hasn’t been easy. I was born in the suburbs of Bridgetown and used to love playing I was a furniture builder, as my dad was one.

Recycling objects and turning them into something useful was my thing. Alongside my hobby of drawing, no one would dare to say those two features would become my passion and life’s work.

It took me a lot to get out of the suburbs and get into the city, but eventually got a scholarship to study furniture design. To be honest, the feeling that something was missing remained.

By the end of 2010, I started working in a furniture factory as a composing machine operator and started developing my true vocation.

Leave Everything Behind and Start From Scratch

I embraced the idea of developing my own sustainable furniture. 5 years later, I quit my job and started dedicating my life to the creation of handmade furniture and ornaments with recycled and reclaimed material.

The development of sustainable elements through reusable materials was what I needed to complete my personal life project. It has not been easy to build a career around it. There were many attempts and failures.

Until I managed to create this blog to share my work, promote, and inform about the sustainable ways to design furniture and ornaments.

A New Project Is Born

The process started by designing and creating each piece with materials found around the neighbourhood, but then I went to factories and tried to rescue any item I could recycle. After that, I expanded my horizons and continued designing ornaments and furniture by creating nice nooks and sharing it with others through this virtual blog.

My mission is to show the world my vision and promote other artists like me, who also focus on sustainable furniture and ornaments design. Therefore, with the help of my clever friends, I created the site where you will find tips and ideas for that small, special corner at home. The idea is to focus completely on protecting the environment.

Whether it is to renew a study room, give a fresh style to a venue, or simply rescuing old furniture, here you will discover everything you need to know about sustainable furniture design.